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Bermuda has incredible fishing!! We have the boat and crew to bring you incredible catches!! HOT Blue Marlin fishing!! FAST 51 foot Custom Carolina Sportfish built in 2008

With a fast, comfortable ride and all the amenities of home, we’re sure you’ll find fishing on Mattanza with myself, Capt. Brooks and my crew an unforgettable, FUN experience.  I was born in Bermuda and have fished the island’s waters for over 25 years along with having fished professionally in many of the world’s hotspots.  Combining techniques learned from home and around the world, I feel our simple, yet effective system works for anyone from beginners to seasoned tournament fishermen.  So come join me and my experienced crew on one of our exciting offshore adventures in search of big blue marlin, white marlin, yellowfin tuna, wahoo, and dolphin.

Bermuda is a magical place to fish, rising out of the depths of an otherwise barren Western North Atlantic Ocean, the volcano that created Bermuda and its’ surrounding seamounts has attracted huge schools of baitfish and larger predators for centuries.  The great drop-offs and purplish-blue deep water have long been known for fabulous offshore sport fishing, however I feel Bermuda itself is one of the best reasons to come and fish this exotic island.  Bermudians are some of the most outgoing, warmhearted people you could meet in your travels and the island boasts luxury resorts, sophisticated restaurants, and an upbeat nightlife.  To me though, Bermuda’s fishing is what sets this island apart from most others in the world.

Big blue marlin made this place famous!

Bermuda has to be one of the best shots at catching a grander, a 1000lb marlin anywhere in the world, let alone within a 2 hour flight from the US East Coast.  While I cannot say you’ll catch a grander on your trip to Bermuda, there are a few large blues (600lbs plus) caught here every day throughout the season.  Smaller blues and large whites provide numerous opportunities throughout the day while waiting for a big fish to appear.  The anticipation and knowing that “the bite of a lifetime” could happen at anytime makes the island a special to fish.


Another of unique aspect of sportfishing in Bermuda is that it all takes place within 25 miles of shore.  Short runs to the fishing grounds in calm seas are usually the norm and despite the island’s reputation, fishing pressure from other sportfishing boats is tame compared to many of the world’s hotspots.  Watching huge schools of large yellowfin tunas tear up the ocean in front of you with not another boat in sight is true bliss.

Besides blue marlin, Bermuda also has amazing game fishing opportunities!

Wahoo catches of 20 or more per boat per day are not uncommon at certain times of the year and a 100lb wahoo is a possibility any day you are offshore.  Large yellowfins can also be prevalent around the island with the local technique of chumming accounting for the most numbers of 30-100lb fish, while trolling has taken fish up to 207lbs.  We landed a 195lb yellowfin on 50lb gear in 2009.  Other game fish include world-record blackfin tuna, amberjack, yellowtail snapper and amazing black grouper fishing.

So come see what all the hype is about; Bermuda has it all!

Bermuda’s Best

You can find the very best in sport fishing in Bermuda right here; Mattanza has the boat, the crew, and results for you to accomplish the catch of your dreams.  Winner of 2012 Bermuda Billfish Blast!  We promise you an unforgettable offshore fishing trip in Bermuda with us. The hottest Blue Marlin Boat in Bermuda!


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