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May 12 2015

2015 Season is on!!!!!!

A quick report for late April/Beg. of May:

Wahoo fishing was outstanding with 20 wahoos no problem and all boats reporting a very nice quality of fish, with some near 100lbs.  The tunas have stayed quiet thus far, but I did hear a report this morning of some small yellowfins starting to be caught on the Bermuda’s banks (seamounts); usually a sign of great tuna fishing come June!  And a 7oolb blue has been caught by one boat while wahoo fishing so that sure looks good for our billfishing season and hints at maybe an early start, especially with the fantastic early season blue marlin fishing that the Abacos, Bahamas has seen in recent weeks.  We are headed there next week on our way to Bermuda and will be fishing there so will be able to give you a better report from there.  As for our 750 nmile trip up to Bermuda; I hope the blues are all up in between the two islands.  Last year we caught a 600lb’r on the way up!!  Come fish with us!!!!! 2013-07-10 15.23.16

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