Is there anything we should bring?

The sun is powerful here, you will definitely want to bring sunblock and hats.  Polarized sunglasses are a must for seeing fish and other sea life in the ocean.  We do not provide lunch, please make arrangements with your hotel for box lunches or great grocery stores are nearby to most hotels.  We can recommend catering places for you and pick it up for a small fee.  We do have a microwave/convection oven for anyone that wants to cook something.  And of course bring a camera, but if you forget, we have cameras and a Flip video on board and will email you the pix afterwards.

What will the weather be like?

Unfortunately we can’t answer this one, but still wish we were Mother Nature so we could tell you in advance.  Our 100% deposit return policy for cancelling due to weather is a “small craft warning” declared by the Bermuda Weather service for your particular day, which is usually winds in excess of 20 knots.  We are more than happy to and the boat is capable of comfortably taking people offshore in winds more than 20 knots; please discuss with Brooks the night before, if the fish have been biting, it’d be worth it and vice versa.

What about seasickness?

Seasickness does not affect everyone, but for those it does, we recommend taking sea sick pills the night before your trip for them to be effective while offshore the following day.  The boat has a variety of pills/supposed remedies on board, but we can’t guarantee a miracle.  There’s no substitute for lots of fresh air and staying out of the salon.

What type of fishing will we be doing?

It depends on the species and also your preference.  For billfish we can accommodate any style you want, but lure fishing wins out over here.  However, should you want to pitch-bait or toss a fly at a blue marlin, our crew is experienced at it, our system is easy to learn, and we’re happy to do it. In general, we troll for wahoo, and troll or drift/anchor and chum for yellowfin tuna.  For species caught and their seasons please take a look at our Bermuda Fishing Calendar page.

Someone in our group has never fished before, will he or she still be able to catch fish?

Without a doubt!  The captain and crew will and have coached even the greatest of landlubbers.

Can we bring our own gear?

Of course you can.  Please let us know beforehand so we can check your setup out rather than waste your time dragging it on the plane only to find out we fish the exact same thing.

Do you release the billfish caught?

We try and release every fish caught unless it is a possible tournament winner, grander or world record.  Bermuda’s fleet has one of the best release records of any fishing destinations the world over.

Will we catch a grander?

We’ve probably been wanting to catch one longer than you have.   We can only say that the boat is as agile as they come when it comes to chasing big blues, our crew have fished worldwide and are as experienced as they come, and our tackle (rods,reels, lures, leaders, hooks, etc..) is tight.  No expense has been spared or forgotten in our search for the biggest blue marlin that has ever swum!

Can we get our catch mounted?  What about release mounts for billfish?

Yes, we are an agent for Gray Taxidermy in Florida, the World’s Largest Marine Taxidermist.  We can handle all of your taxidermy requests.  Yes, they do release mounts of billfish from your fish’s measurements and photos.