Fishing Calendar

While Bermuda’s location has a lot to do with its fabulous fishing, it can make it hard to predict what species will show up and when. This is a general guide of what one can expect to see both in terms of species and techniques used to catch them.

January – March:

The weather during this time of year is always unpredictable and so most locals do not even attempt to go fishing.  The lack of effort causes catches to be sporadic; however, there can be some fantastic fishing during this time.  Trolling for wahoo is the primary game in town and some of these can be large.  Yellowfin tuna and a few dolphin are also landed this way.  Chumming for school yellowfin can also be good during this time depending on the year.


The season really starts to get going with good trolling for wahoo.  Most of these wahoo will be in the 20-60lb range with the odd bigger one mixed in along with yellowfin tuna and dolphin.  Billfish start to appear in very limited numbers.


Great fishing, especially variety!  Trolling for wahoo can be outstanding with catches of 20 plus fish in a day not unheard of.    This is also the time to anchor/drift and chum for yellowfin tuna.  Tuna up to 100lbs set in on the offshore banks and there can be some large numbers of them caught in a day.  Towards the end of the month, white marlin and some blue marlin (generally bigger than smaller) start to make a more frequent appearance.


Blue marlin season is upon us!  The wahoo catches start to dissipate as the water warms, but there’s plenty out there to make up for it.  The primary focus starts to shift to billfishing with trolling lures the best technique.  Grander blues mixed in with rats (smaller blues) and white marlin make up the bulk of the action, the occasional large yellowfin or wahoo will eat a lure too.  Chumming for yellowfin and blackfin tuna is usually still very good along with rainbow runner, amber and almaco jacks.


It’s tournament time!  Blue marlin are about the only thing most boats target during this month.  Can’t blame them, the lure of large cash purses for catching big blue marlin proves irresistible.  Most of the island’s billfish tournaments occur now including The Billfish Blast & World Cup (~ July 4th) followed by The Bermuda Triangle Series, The Big Game Classic, and ending in The Seahorse.  If not billfishing, yellowfin tuna can still be caught chumming along with a variety of smaller species.


Spectacular marlin fishing continues.  Most US boats unfortunately leave us this time of year to fish other places, but the marlin don’t disappear.  The blue marlin fishing can be awesome on days; although the fish tend to be smaller (<600lbs), there is more of them with the island record of 7 caught in one day by one boat coming in August.  That’s not to say there’s no granders around, Bermuda’s largest blue was caught in August also.  Large yellowfins can also make an appearance with fish up to 200lbs being taken trolling.  The wahoo start to bite live baits towards the end of the month.


Wahoooo!  Live baiting is the best way to get plenty of wahoo bites this time of year.  An abundance of bait offshore provides fast action with wahoo of all sizes taken on light tackle at a relaxed slow-troll.  Yellowfin, dolphin, and blue and white marlin also fall victim to this method.  The marlin fishing can continue to be good through September with some great catches having occurred in the past.  Chumming on the reef is fun for a variety of reef fish from blackfin tuna to yellowtail snapper.


Wahoo start to dominate the offshore scene.  Live baiting is still a great way to catch large numbers of wahoo as is conventional trolling.  Other offshore species are still caught, just in varying numbers depending on the year.

November – December:

Trolling for wahoo makes up the bulk of the effort as the water cools.  At times, some very large wahoo have been taken during this period.  Yellowfin in large quantities also take up residence around the island for a few weeks each year around now.  Some of these fish approach the 80-100lb mark.